Are We Ready? (Luke 21:5-19)

Allister Clarke, August 2, 2015 standing firm you will gain life

• Daring to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that the gospel is true
• It’s going to be tough
• Do not worry, be steadfast, holding onto the truth
• Be prepared for tough times and when they come know that God is with you
• By standing firm then you will gain life (v19)


• Matthew, Mark, Luke and John!
- Jesus did not hide from the disciples what would happen to them
• Jesus prophesied that not one of the stones would remain standing
• Jesus was preparing his disciples for what was going to happen
• Holy Spirit came at what we know as Pentecost; they were filled with power, spoke in tongues, prophesied and healed the sick.
• Each one of the disciples were persecuted with the majority of them put to death because of taking a stand
• Christianity is not a walk in the park!

History & Now

• Majority of the disciples martyred
• Missionaries murdered for their faith
• Newbury Martyrs
• English bible translator
• Modern day back lash to the gospel message is real, it is relevant and is now…
Release international
• Nadeem (Pakistani Christian)
• Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven (Matt 5v10 NIV)

Good News!

• The promise of God through believing in Jesus is that by standing firm in your faith then you will gain life.
• Who wants to gain life that Jesus was talking about?
• So I want to encourage us to do this:
- Be prepared
- Read your bible get to know the truth
- Read the gospel message time and time again
- Be filled with hope for the eternal life promised to those who believe.
- You can clearly testify to the truth

Our Response

• RFA - Ready For Action
• The apostles and Paul’s response
- Acts 5 v 17…..
- Philippians 3 v 4 to 14
- 2 Cor 11 v 23 to 29
• Ephesians 6 v 10 to 20
- Stand your ground
- Your feet fitted with readiness… that comes from the gospel of peace.

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