Reading Scripture (Acts 5:1-11)

Allister Clarke, November 1, 2015

Acts 5

• The audience
• Measure the distance
• What’s the theological principle
• Biblical text now and in the rest of scripture
• How should we live out the principle


• Filled with the Holy Spirit
• Preached the gospel
• Arrested
• Released
• Prayed
• Empowered once again by the Holy Spirit


• Deals with lies and deception
• This at the beginning of the life of the church

• Went out preached the gospel
• Filled with the Holy Spirit and healed many
• Arrested & Miraculously released
• Preached the gospel
• Arrested & flogged
• Released & preached the gospel

The Apostles filled with the Holy Spirit
• Revealed the lies and deceit
• Dealt with sin straight away – lies / deception
• Lies and deceit separated Adam & Eve from the presence of God (Beginning)
• New covenant of grace – God dealt with lies and deceit

Being filled with the Holy Spirit
• Preached the gospel
• Went door to door
• Healed the sick

Purpose of the Church
• Filled with the character of Christ
• Go and make disciples

Take Away

• Deal with sin
• Holy Spirit
• Love – oneness
• Go

Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven
• Recognise
• Repent
• Renounce
• Receive

Be filled with the Holy Spirit
• Go love one another
• Go make disciples, heal the sick

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