Responses to the Gospel (Acts 7:59-8:25)

Pete Carter, November 22, 2015

• Sets out to destroy the Church
• Goes from door to door

• Full of the Spirit and wisdom
• Gets on with the great commission
• Preaches the gospel wherever he goes
• Drives out evil spirits
• Heals paralytics and cripples
• Baptises
• Makes disciples
• Perseveres

• Hear the word of God preached
• See miracles and evil spirits driven out
• Respond
• Turn from following Simon the sorcerer to follow the kingdom of God
• Get baptised
• Filled with the Holy Spirit

Peter & John
• Hear the news of what is going on
• Go and join in with the work
• Provide oversight
• See the need for the Holy Spirit
• Pray for the Holy Spirit and lay hands on the Samaritans
• Confronted sin and wrong motives
• Preached the gospel on the way back to Jerusalem

Simon the Sorcerer
• Initially believes and is baptised
• Sees the Holy Spirit poured out and tries to buy it from Peter and John
• Responds badly to the correction from Peter & John
• No real evidence of repentance

What about us?
• Repent, turn to Christ
• Get baptised
• Be filled with the Holy Spirit
- Gift from God, for all
• Get stuck in taking the gospel wherever we go
• Watch out for wrong motives
• Deal with sin
• Make disciples

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